Motorola unveils the world's first flexible smartphone, introducing the Bendy Smartphone.

The Bendy Smartphone features a 6.9-inch FHD display showcased at Lenovo Tech World in 2023.

MotoAI integration distinguishes the Bendy Smartphone, enabling wearable functionality akin to a watch.

Launch date specifics for the Bendy Smartphone in India remain undisclosed despite global plans.

Motorola's development of bendable phones spans several years, with a similar concept showcased in 2016.

The Bendy Smartphone's display offers flexibility, transitioning from traditional usage to wearable configurations.

Notably, the display boasts a fast refresh rate and high brightness for enhanced user experience.

Details regarding the Bendy Smartphone's battery remain undisclosed, sparking speculation about flexible battery technology.

Motorola pledges to address battery concerns, emphasizing ongoing efforts to ensure optimal performance.

Anticipation surrounds the Bendy Smartphone's features, including AI capabilities, amid a competitive foldable smartphone market.