1. WhatsApp users can now utilize Meta AI powered by Llama 3 for generating text and creating AI photos.

2. Meta introduces an updated Meta AI driven by Llama 3, enhancing user experience across Meta apps and glasses.

3. Meta AI, leveraging Llama 3 AI model, becomes accessible globally, expanding to over a dozen countries for free.

4. The enhanced Meta AI, powered by Meta Llama 3, offers faster, more accurate, and versatile functionalities.

5. Users can now access Meta AI via meta.ai website and seamlessly integrate it into Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, and Messenger search features.

6. Meta AI Feed Integration enables users to interact directly from their Facebook page, making inquiries about posts they encounter.

7. Meta AI's "Imagine" feature allows for quick image creation from text descriptions, available in beta on WhatsApp and the Meta AI website.

8. Meta plans further integration with Ray-Ban Meta smart glasses and gradual rollout on Meta Quest VR headset, promising more updates.

9. Meta AI, based on the advanced Llama 3 model, assists users with tasks, visualization, complex problem-solving, and social interactions.

10. Users can explore new possibilities, gain information, visualize ideas, and enhance group conversations with Meta AI integrated across Meta apps.