Xiaomi introduces the 14 Ultra Photography Kit, offering DSLR-like photo capabilities.

The 14 Ultra series, launched at MWC 2024, includes a photography kit enhancing camera functionality.

Expectations are high for the 14 Ultra series to release in India by the third week of March.

The photography kit transforms the Xiaomi 14 Ultra into a professional camera with premium aesthetics.

The Xiaomi 14 Ultra boasts a powerful quad camera setup, featuring four 50 MP lenses.

Camera features include Super Moon, HDR, slow motion, continuous shooting, and custom watermarking.

A 32 MP wide-angle selfie camera enables high-quality video recording up to 4K @ 30fps.

Using the Xiaomi Photography Kit is seamless, connecting via Type-C port and offering intuitive controls.

The kit's buttons facilitate zooming, capturing photos, and recording videos with ease.

Anticipated pricing for the Xiaomi 14 Ultra Photography Kit in India is ₹11,500, enhancing accessibility to professional-grade photography.