WhatsApp users can now make AI photos and generate text thanks to the debut of Meta AI with Llama 3

Today, Meta released an updated version of Meta AI, driven by Llama 3, the company’s cutting-edge big language model. The newly enhanced Meta AI aims to assist consumers with any questions they may have regarding Meta apps and glasses. Together with the introduction of its own website, meta.ai, how to use meta ai by integrating it with the search functions of well-known apps like Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, and Messenger.

How to use Meta AI

Our new, cutting-edge Llama 3 AI model, which we are open-sourcing, is what we are using to upgrade Meta AI. CEO of Meta, Mark Zuckerberg, states, “With this new approach, we believe Meta AI is now the most sophisticated AI helper that you can utilize freely.”

Before, Meta was exclusively accessible in the United States. However, it is currently expanding Meta AI to more than a dozen nations for free, including Australia, Canada, Ghana, Jamaica, Malawi, New Zealand, Nigeria, Pakistan, Singapore, South Africa, Uganda, Zambia, and Zimbabwe. With this expansion, Meta is enabling English-language interactions between users and Meta AI on various platforms, such as Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, and Messenger, in these countries.

Improvements in the underlying language model, Meta Llama 3, have allowed Meta to enhance its Meta AI, making it faster, more accurate, and capable of additional functionalities. For a variety of purposes, such as selecting dining establishments, organizing travel, preparing for tests, or coming up with creative ideas, users can harness the potential of Meta AI.

Now, users may use Meta AI to seek assistance with tasks like writing emails or completing arithmetic problems by visiting a dedicated website (meta.ai). Furthermore, the business is incorporating Meta AI into Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, and Messenger’s search features. Users may now find real-time information without switching between apps, thanks to this.

Meta AI Feed Integration

Additionally, users can access Meta AI straight from their Facebook page. Regarding posts they view on the platform, users have the option to inquire. For example, users can ask Meta AI when the ideal time of year to see the northern lights is if they see a picture of them.

how to use meta ai

Image Creation with Meta AI

With the most recent version, Meta AI is also producing images more quickly. Users can instantly make graphics from text descriptions using its new “Imagine” feature. According to the official blog post, “once you start typing, an image will display, and it will alter with every few letters entered, so you can watch as Meta AI brings your vision to life.”

For instance, both WhatsApp and the Meta AI website presently have the Imagine feature in beta. All the same, Meta claims that its AI can now generate higher-quality photos with text. Along with creating a variety of goods, users can look for inspiration for outfits, design record covers, or wedding signs. And now, photographs may be animated, have their style changed, or become GIFs with Meta AI.

The business is planning further integration with the platform and Ray-Ban Meta smart glasses, while simultaneously working on making Meta AI available on its VR headset, Meta Quest, and rolling out the upgrade gradually. It will provide further information about these modifications in the future.

how to use meta ai

Discover new possibilities with Meta AI

Based on our most sophisticated model to date, Meta Llama 3, Meta AI is an intelligent assistant that can follow directions, visualize concepts, reason intricately, and solve complex issues.

You can now learn more, imagine anything, and accomplish more with our family of apps and at meta.ai.

Get more information, easily. Ask Meta AI anything

You can investigate subjects, discover interests, get how-to assistance, and pick up new pastimes with Meta AI at your disposal. We have integrated top search providers, so you may get the most recent web content. You may now ask Meta AI anything using a search across all of our app family members.

how to use meta ai

Observe how your ideas come to reality

With the help of our image creation technology, you can view Meta AI’s work in real time, from initial ideation to the finished creative product.

Meta AI improves interaction

By offering advice, starting conversations, and assisting with planning, Meta AI is intended to improve your social interactions.

Improve the quality of your group conversations

Add @MetaAI to your group chats on WhatsApp, Instagram, and Messenger to exchange advice on how to set up a project or to get suggestions for dinner party menus or travel schedules.

how to use meta ai

Increase the number of your connections

To learn more about subjects that you and your loved ones are interested in, you can utilize Meta AI right in your Facebook feed. You can receive assistance in developing a deeper connection with important content when Meta AI is turned on.

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