Insta360 X4 review: The finest 360-degree camera just got better in our hands-on test

The company wanted to sponsor a video about the Instagram Three 60s Next Generation Insta360 X4 camera that I found sitting on my doorstep or step last week when I returned home. I didn’t initially say yes because this calls for these 360 cameras. Look, some part of me was thinking of having a phone camera. Now that I’m really happy with that, I have already been. When would I? Use this. And so that became my mission.

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Insta360 X4 review

I booked a trip to London. I took this Insta360 X4. I took my phone so that we could find out what it means to have a 360-degree camera. notice the first thing you notice filming on this versus your phone, apart from the fact that it looks like. The technological point is that it takes a lot of effort to film If people have this idea, 360° video is kind of pointless, and for the most part, I agree. Is I realistically going to post a 360° video anywhere? The point of it—the point I think of shooting every single angle all at once—is not to keep every single angle. It’s so that you can decide later.

Insta360 X4

It’s to stop this that all of us do; anytime we think something worth recording happens, all our attention disappears. Away from the moment and what’s happening and goes towards just focusing on keeping the framing right? You got one shot of this, and, God forbid, you missed the moment when your sister blew out the candles on her cake for the 20th time.

But here’s what happens when you record something on the Insta360 X4 because the 360 camera isn’t just. Shooting what’s in front of it, but instead of a false sphere of video all the time, you get three options. You can either use AI if you want to have 0 involvement, and your phone will automatically look around that footage and turn it into a clip that shows what it thinks is the most interesting moment.

There’s a quick movement that lets you change the viewpoint of the footage, but by using quick tools like this little joystick at the bottom of the gyro sensors in your phone, as you look around physically, you’re looking around inside that clip that I think is by far the coolest track, which means I’ll just draw on an object, I’ll tap the play, and that’s so impressive. It simply changes the footage in real-time to keep that thing in the center at all times. Completely stuck.

That’s what the problem is for. But the big thing that makes it all click together this time around is that the camera now records at 8K resolution. For a long time, the 360-degree industry has kind of been stuck at 5.7 K being the maximum.

Insta360 X4

Well, of course, that is still a lot of pixels. It does mean that anytime you want to reframe your footage afterward and you might want to zoom in a little bit on top of that, there would be some resolution compromise, but that is not the case anymore. So that is one perk. By The Specst, I still don’t. That alone would be enough for me to justify carrying around a whole extra gadget.

So I started digging a little deeper. In what situations could I use Insta360 X4 where my phone would not cut it? And then I remembered that there is another extremely powerful benefit to having one camera on each device. Record at the same time. Two cameras. So that means if you decide you want to use it as a normal single-action camera, you can do that, and you get full 4K quality at 60 frames per second. It’s very pretty. If you want a dashcam for your car, then this is the highest-cam dashcam that money can buy.

Shooting full-quality 4K video both ways at the same time with the same flow state stabilization. That’s used to make mountain biking look smooth, so it’s almost like driving. If you want a webcam, it will be available soon. Leave a webcam with two UltraHD cameras at once and cover every single person in the room with four directional microphones to individually pick up each person’s audio. Or actually, where this whole multiple-camera thing hit me was when I remembered the unbreakable tech video that we found a few weeks ago.

We’re shooting this car in Ougarden, and because it’s such a fast car and we didn’t know where it was going to end up, we had Josh, our main cameraman, filming from 1 viewpoint. We have Joseph for everything, man, filming from another viewpoint. And then we had pressure from one another. Where is this? Insta360 X4 has made me realize that all I would have needed to do was stick it in the ground and leave it back. Because it records everything, you’ll be able to focus on the car as it approaches the camera.

Insta360 X4

You’ll be able to track Insta360 X4 with complete accuracy and smoothness, carry on following it as it goes past you, and then also whenever we decide we want to show where I am in the frame. So, can we wait for the hardware for a second? I wanted to start the video with hardware; maybe you’ll find this cool because, unlike phone companies, instantly 60 only upgrades their cameras once every two. TheSpecs on the versus the Preious are already very well-reviewed. I think it’s because the battery lasts almost 70% longer. Just to give you an idea, the GoPro Hero 12 is powered by a nanometer chip, which makes everything run faster.

It boosts the footage transfer speed to be between 50% and 100% faster, and it allows the camera to shoot that footage in high-efficiency video, which means the new higher-quality 8K clips now take up less storage space than previous low-quality clips. It’s got a bigger, more colorful display, but if you don’t want to use it, you can control the camera with gestures in case you’re.

Wearing gloves or you want to make it easy to teach your grandparents, as well as ultra-wide mode, there is now the insane; it feels like a field of view that shouldn’t even be possible I can see both sides of my hand in one frame, which is what it would look like if we also had eyes on the back of our heads.

The body is durable, the glass is durable, and the gorilla glass is. It comes ready to fit removable lens guards too, which now come included in the box. And I have to say, it massively improves reliability. Oh yeah, the whole thing is also dive-proof to 10 meters. And then, as far as reporting is concerned, I’ve already mentioned that normal video is now up from 5.7 K to 8 K. And well, just to give you an idea, this is what that looks like in practice with my Insta360 X4 next to the last generations in 360X3. But it’s not just a normal video.

Insta360 X4

Slow motion is also not okay for higher quality. You can take 5.7 at 60 frames per second and then 4K at 100 frames per second, which is a world-first for a 360-degree camera. And when you combine slow-mo at 360 to stop very stuff, And if you want to take a time-lapse video instead of 8K resolution, which, by the way, is already four times the resolution of a 4K stick, and shoot in 11K resolution, what does that even look like? So I tested it, and, well, it does need decent lighting. That is one restriction. But feed it that.

And, yeah, no phone has ever recorded anything like this You can move to an angle that looks good because there are so many pixels present. I mean, what I find cool is that, because it’s 360 British, you can also just keep zooming out. And that is your 11K resolution in a globe of memory. The other thing that I have come to realize is, does this not look awfully like film footage? Because this is essentially two cameras, each with a 210-degree field of vision, you get a tactical blind spot, which allows the self-esteem to just disappear after the camera looks like it is flying. I don’t think it’s a full drone replacement.

We started using a drone now and again, like in our unbreakable tech video where we hired up to speak lift and we wanted to get a shot of the full seat. This can’t do that if I just attach it to a cleaning selfie stick and then stick that selfie stick to the lift yeah, that would be something I guess the point that I was going to make is that this can do a lot of water that a drone could do in the way that many people do use drones. But without most of the Delta’s, it’s silent. It’s easier to control.

It’s cheaper. It has a longer battery. It’s less fragile, and it isn’t going to decide to kamikaze into the nearest tree suddenly.

Insta360 X4

But what I think is the most important part of this equation is that it can use neem, which means, even if you film as you’re normally filming, like not paying particular attention to which way the camera’s facing if you just stay locked onto your face, it’s also got a gyroscope on the inside that can not just keep level with the horizon in one axis, but literally in full 360 degrees longer time. It’s the fact that I have never seen it on any other camera I’ve ever used.

I just don’t feel like the phone is always going to be the first camera you reach. There’s nothing more convenient than that. But then this, for anyone who’s just a little bit more creatively oriented, feels like Insta360 X4 covers just about every other possible use you can think of without having to plug around a professional camera. But everything that we’ve talked about so far until those are fundamentals, where this gets particularly spicy, is with shopping. This enormous list of different types of effects that you can create. Think philters to your camera, just to another level, because they’re fully taking advantage of this camera’s panoptic ability to see everything all at once.

Also, the list is twice the size now compared to when I moved it up on the X3. So with the last camera, I showed you how you can swap out the sky, which is still here but now has more options. I thought the electric surge was so cool because it could automatically impound you with these lighting effects. There was bullet time, which is, of course, also here just now in higher quality on the Insta360 X4. But it feels properly on the next level now.

There’s Flash Dash, which looks like a move out of Dragon Ball. Rest in peace, Mr. Victoria. By the way, that was heartbreaking. This AI war is next level. You pick a style, and then AI completely reskins your video in that style. And then there are even inception-looking, horizon-bending effects. And it’s always shocking how cool the end clip can look, even if the base clip is me having a walk on the street. Now, I don’t think that this camera itself is starting to reach premium-tier pricing like the Insta360 X4 at $499. But the short lab is, for me, what makes that worth it?

Because Insta360 X4 is just in terms of what it lets you do. And completely included in that purchase price. If you need one exception, AIO, which has a cap of three free uses a day, presumably because it’s quite expensive on their end to process it, But like GoPro’s equivalent, the editing squares are much more basic, but all subscription-based. And if you want to know the state of subscriptions in 2024 while I have the perfect video from there, then Philly is 360. They’ve also given us a special link that gets you a free, visible selfie stick with the camera.

SensorDual 72MP 1/2-inch sensors
Video8K 360-degree, 5.7K up to 60fps, 4K up to 100fps, single lens up to 4K 60fps
LCD2.5-inch touchscreen
Video modesActive HDR, Timelapse, Timeshift, Bullet Time
ConnectivityWi-Fi, Bluetooth 5.0, USB-C
Memory cardMicroSD UHS-I
Size46 x 123.6 x 37.6mm

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