Level Up Your Scooter: Unlock Ola MoveOS4’s Game-Changers

You’re zipping through the bustling Indian streets on your Ola scooter, but something feels…off. Maybe the navigation stutters, the charging is a mystery, or you crave a little more oomph. Suddenly, MoveOS4 arrives, ready to transform your scooting experience from meh to magical!

Ola MoveOS4 features for Ola scooters that unlock over 100 new and improved features. From faster and smarter maps to biometric security and eco-cruise mode, MoveOS4 has it. It also enhances your safety, performance, and convenience with features like hill descent control, take-me-home lights, and hyper-charging limit setting.

But don’t take our word for it. See for yourself how MoveOS4 can level up your scooter and make your rides more fun, efficient, and eco-friendly. Download the Ola Electric app and get the MoveOS4 update today! Trust us, you won’t regret it.

Ola MoveOS4 update

MoveOS4: A Revolution on Two Wheels:

MoveOS4 is the latest software update for Ola scooters that unlocks over 100 new and improved features. It is designed to enhance your riding experience with faster and smarter maps, biometric security, eco-cruise mode, and more. MoveOS4 is also user-centric, as it allows you to customize your scooter with widgets, moods, and access controls. Ola is committed to continuous improvement and delivers MoveOS4 via over-the-air upgrades. With MoveOS4, you can enjoy the best of Ola’s technology and innovation.

Unleashing the Game-Changers:

Ola MoveOS4 features: The Ultimate Navigation System for Your Scooter

If you’re tired of getting lost in the maze of Indian roads, you’ll love the new Ola MoveOS4 update for your scooter. This software upgrade introduces Ola Maps, a class-leading navigation system that will make your rides smoother, safer, and more enjoyable. Here are some of the features that Ola Maps offers:

Turn-by-turn voice navigation with lane guidance: Ditch the dead ends! Say hello to turn-by-turn voice navigation with lane guidance, ensuring you conquer even the most confusing chowks with ease.

Live traffic updates: 

No more map meltdowns! Live traffic updates keep you ahead of the game, so you can breeze past jams and potholes like a seasoned pro.

Favorites-only calling: 

Stay connected without getting distracted. Ola Maps lets you call your favorite contacts with a simple tap, without leaving the navigation screen.

Take me home lights: Your S1 has your back, right till you reach home. Ola Maps activates a special light mode that guides you to your destination, even in the dark.

Ola MoveOS4 beta download

Ola MoveOS4: The Smart Security System for Your Scooter

You love your Ola scooter, but do you worry about its safety when you park it? With Ola MoveOS4, you can breathe easy knowing your scooter is protected by a smart security system that lets you monitor your ride from afar, like a tech-savvy vigilante. Here are some of the features that Ola MoveOS4 offers:

Anti-theft alerts:

If someone tries to tamper with your scooter, you’ll get an instant notification on your phone and a loud alarm on your scooter. You can also track your scooter’s location in real-time and report it to the police if needed.

Remote tracking: 

You can always watch your scooter’s status, battery level, and charging history from the Ola Electric app. You can also locate your scooter with a simple tap, in case you forget where you parked it.

Friendly reminders: 

Say goodbye to forgotten helmets! Ola MoveOS4 will remind you to wear your helmet before you start your ride and to take it with you after you end your ride. This will keep you safe and avoid hefty challans because responsible riding is always in fashion.

Ola MoveOS4: The Ultimate Software Upgrade for Your Electric Scooter

If you own an Ola electric scooter, you’re in for a treat. Ola has just rolled out the MoveOS4, a software update that unlocks over 100 new features and enhancements for your ride. Whether you want to go farther, faster, or smarter, the MoveOS4 has something for you. Here are some of the highlights of this amazing upgrade:

No more range anxiety! Precise battery level predictions and optimized charging modes let you plan your trips with confidence, knowing you won’t get stranded mid-adventure.

Discover hidden charging stations like a power-hungry Jedi! The updated charging network map guides you to juice up your scooter whenever the need arises.

Enjoy a smoother and safer ride with improved performance and stability features, such as hill descent control, cruise control in eco-mode, and auto turn-off indicators.

Personalize your scooter with widgets, moods, and biometric access controls. You can also sync your phone with your scooter to access essential features, such as navigation, calling, and music.

Be a part of the Ola mission to save the planet with real-time information on your CO2 and cost savings. You can also track your milestones and celebrate them with your Ola S1 squad.

Ola MoveOS4: The Personalized Software for Your Scooter

Do you want to make your Ola scooter truly yours? With Ola MoveOS4, you can customize your ride like never before. This software update lets you adjust various settings and features to match your unique riding style and personality. Here are some of the things you can do with Ola MoveOS4:

Customize your ride: 

You can tweak the throttle response, regenerative braking, and even the instrument cluster layout to suit your preferences. Whether you want a sporty, eco-friendly, or comfortable ride, you can have it with Ola MoveOS4.

Show off your personality: 

You can choose from a range of cool display themes and customize the welcome message on your scooter. Let your ride reflect your inner rockstar, or whatever mood you’re in.

Beyond the Features: The MoveOS4 Experience:

I have a confession to make: I used to hate scooting. I found it boring, stressful, and inconvenient. But then I got the Ola MoveOS4 update for my scooter, and everything changed. Suddenly, I was having fun, feeling relaxed, and enjoying the ride. Here’s how MoveOS4 made me fall in love with scooting:

It made me smarter: 

With Ola Maps, I could easily navigate the city, avoid traffic, and call my friends without leaving the screen. I also learned how much I was saving the planet and my wallet with the Care mood.

It made me safer: 

With anti-theft alerts, remote tracking, and biometric security, I could park my scooter anywhere without worrying. I also appreciated the friendly reminders to wear and take my helmet, and the take me home lights that guided me in the dark.

It made me happier: 

With widgets, moods, and access controls, I could personalize my scooter to suit my style and mood. I also loved the concert mode that turned my scooter into a party machine.

In this blog post, we have shown you how Ola MoveOS4 can transform your scooting experience with over 100 new and improved features. Whether you want to navigate the city with ease, protect your scooter from theft, customize your ride to your style, or save the planet with eco-friendly modes, MoveOS4 has it all. Remember the question we asked you at the beginning: How can you level up your scooter? The answer is simple: MoveOS4.

This software update is the result of Ola Electric’s experience, expertise, and innovation in the field of scooter software. It is designed to enhance your riding experience and make your scooter future-proof. So what are you waiting for? Download the Ola Electric app and get the MoveOS4 update today. Unlock the MoveOS4 magic and experience scooting like never before!

How to use voice navigation with Ola MoveOS4?

Say “Hey Ola, navigate to [destination]” or press the voice button on the handlebar. Voice guidance with lane details follows.

Does MoveOS4 show live traffic updates?

Yes, MoveOS4 shows real-time traffic updates on the map, helping you avoid jams.

Where can I find turn-by-turn lane guidance on MoveOS4?

Look for the turn-by-turn directions with arrows on the map and listen to the voice prompts, which also mention lane numbers.

How does the anti-theft alarm work on Ola scooters?

When armed, any movement triggers the alarm and sends an alert to your phone.

Can I track my Ola scooter remotely with MoveOS4?

Yes, you can track your scooter’s location and even lock it remotely through the Ola app.

Does MoveOS4 remind me to wear a helmet?

While MoveOS4 doesn’t directly check if you’re wearing a helmet, it displays a reminder to “Ride Safe” before starting the scooter.

How accurate are the MoveOS4 battery level predictions?

MoveOS4 predicts battery range accurately based on your riding style and real-time conditions.

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